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“Undeliverable: ” on Exchange 2003

Few days ago I got a error of undeliverable message on exchange 2003.

Undeliverable error

Undeliverable error

Possible Cause:

  • The e-mail account does not exist at the organization the message was sent to. This issue may occur if there was a problem when users were moved between sites. For example, if a former Administrative_Group_1 user moves to Administrative_Group_2 and then replies to an old e-mail message, or if the user does not re-create his or her Outlook profile, an old Administrative Group style LegDN address will be used, and an NDR is generated.
  • The message was sent to obsolete personal address book entries.
  • The categorizer rejected delivery because you configured your SMTP contact with see comment SMTP RFC821 characters.

Troubleshooting: Verify the recipient address and resend the message. Verify that the recipient address is formatted correctly and that the categorizer was able to correctly resolve the recipient.

After resending to proper recipient I got the problem solved.


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