Thayet Myo Hacking Day

2 dyas ago I found that there is some lines on desktop “Thayet Myo Hacking Day”. It was a virus/worm. It slow down the pc. I removed the virus on following way.

1.  Open My Computer, click on tools and select Folder option.

2. Go to View Tab, and select “Show Hidden files and folder” and uncheck “Hide extensions for known file system” and “Hide protected operating system files (recommended)”.

3. Start the pc on Safe mode.

4. Delete the explorer.exe files in C:\recycler, C:\Windows\Backup and C:\.

5. Open regedit and delete explorer file in hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows/current version/run .

6. Restart the pc. Update the AV installed on your pc and scan whole HDD.



  1. Kabir said

    Its helpful to us… Thanks for information

  2. Andy said

    If you delete exlorer.exe, then how could you start your computing? Are you fooling people?

  3. sarika said

    but folder option also gone …. !!!
    what can I do now.

    • Ashik said

      You can try the antivirus for removing it and also you can use use a XP recovery console for it. It is your own wish what you want to do….have a good luck to remove this virus from your computer.

  4. kavidasan said

    how to recover the lost data? is that possible?

  5. kavidasan said


  6. kavidasan said

    but, how to recover the lost data by this virus?

    is that possible, pls inform

  7. dek2x said

    how can i delete explorer.exe if there is nothing anything in my screen only thayet myo hacking day! appear in my screen moving around the screen…???

    • lavsssss said

      YEA! and i am uninstalling km player…but three of that stupid viruses r roaming around…will it harm a lot? 😥

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