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DNS configuration at Debian 4.0

Hello, today some while ago i configured a DNS on Debian successfully. I ma writting this post using my DNS. Here is the configuration method of DNS.

Step1. At the very beginning I installed the package bind9 that is used for configuring DNS at Debian. I just write down the command,

apt-get install bind9

It will install the package bind9 within few minutes and now, we are ready to configure our DNS server.

Edit file named.conf in directory /etc/bind . And in this tutor, the domain is

vi /etc/bind/named.conf

Here we have to add the following lines at the end last ‘Zone’ paragraph.

zone “” {
type master;
file “/etc/bind/test”;

zone “” {
type master;
file “/etc/bind/reverse”;

after it, save and exit with type “:wq!”

and now we have to make the zone file and reverse zone file, in directory as we edited in file named.conf

vi /etc/bind/test
and you have to put some configuration like this;

$TTL 604800 IN SOA debian. (

1 ;

Serial 604800 ;

Refresh 86400 ;

Retry 2419200 ;

Exipire 604800 ) ;

Negative Cache TTL
@ IN MX 10
debian IN A

then save and exit, with type “:wq!

after it, you must create reverse zone file

vi /etc/bind/reverse
then put some configuration like this;

test’s zone file :
$TTL 64800
@ IN SOA debian (
1 ;

serial 7200 ;

refresh 7200 ;

retry 36000 ;

expire 7200 ) ;


debian IN A

100 IN PTR

then save and exit, with type “:wq!

and now you should configure dns resolver.

Edit file of directory /etc/resolv.conf
and put some configuration there!

vi /etc/resolv.conf

And add the following lines.


then save and exit with type “:wq!

and now you should configure the host file.

vi /etc/hosts

put some configuration there! localhost debian

Note: IP address in that domain is
and that host has domain
Hope to get suggestion from you.


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