“Command not available…” error at Outlook 2003

Today , one of my client faced a problem. While he was clicking on the “out of office assistance” at tools option he was getting an error message telling “Command not available. See the program documentation about how to use extension“.

I have solved the problem very easily (but it took some time, as I faced it first time) on the following way.

1. Open Outllook.

2. Click Help.

3. Click About Microsoft Outlook.

4. Click on Disable Items Entry.

5. There I found “Addin: outex.dll (outex.dll)“. Click on it to highlight it and then click on the Enable Button.

6. Then Click on the Close button.

7. Then click on the OK button to close the About Microsoft Office Outlook.

That’s all. We can do this on another way.

1. Quit Outlook if it is running.
2. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and then click Task Manager.
3. On the Processes tab, verify that Outlook.exe does not appear in the list of processes. If it does, click Outlook.exe and then click End Process.
4. On the File menu, click Exit Task Manager.
5. Click Start, and then click Run.
6. In the Open box, type regedit and then click OK.
7. Locate and then click the following registry key:


8. Right-click the Resiliency subkey (if it exists), and then click Rename.
9. Type Resiliency.old, and then press ENTER.
10. Quit Registry Editor.
11. Start Outlook, and then click Out of Office Assistant on the Tools menu.

That’s all. Hope to get comments from the readers.



  1. Brian said

    This worked and was easy to implement.

    Thank you

  2. meezbah said

    This one is effective.

  3. Duc Do said

    Tried all the steps above, but still not working, any other suggestions. thanks in advance.

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