user nobody

There is some default user at Linux/Unix system. nobody is one of them. It has no login shell. That means this user can never login at the system. The user id of the nobody user is 99. and the group id is 99.

The nobody account is suppose to be used for anonymous NFS access.

From a Solaris viewpoint:
nobody — Assigned to users or software processes that do not need nor should have any special permissions. nobody is used in patch installation process, NFS, Web servers and directory services. This is an anonymous user account, assigned by an NFS server when a request is received from an unauthorized root user. NFS uses it to secure file servers on networks where diskless clients can be rebooted in single-user mode by anyone with physical access. The nobody user account is also assigned to software processes that do not need nor should have any special permissions. Some daemons, such as fingerd, run as nobody. If in.tftpd is enabled, it will run as the user nobody. Disabling this account will interfere with patching your system, NFS services as will as causing problems in other areas.

noaccess — The account that is assigned to a user or a process that needs access to a system through some application but without actually logging in.

nobody4 — SunOS 4.0 or 4.1 version of the nobody user account. The nobody4 user can actually be eliminated if you’re absolutely certain you’ll never need to use/access SunOS 4.x services. Disabling this account would interfere with communications between earlier revisions on SunOS (4.x).


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