why runlevel-4 didn’t use?

Today I have got this comment from one of my friend. One thing I want to clear you that, run levels are not same for all linux version. Suppose here is usage of run level 4 at different versions:
Redhat/Fedora          Normally not used (user definable).

SUSE                        Normally not used (user definable).

Slackware                 Full multi-user with display manager

Gentoo Linux            Aliased for runlevel 3 (Full multi-user with display manager)

System V                  Multi-user, user-defined

Solaris                     Alternative multi-user, user-defined

HP-UX                     Multi-user with VUE started instead of CDE

In fine we may say that in maximum cases run level 4 is user defined. Runlevel 4 is usually a “custom” level. By default it will start a few more services than level 3. This level is usually only used under special circumstances.


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