Runlevel at linux

There are 7 runlevels at linux. these are:

runlevel 0 –> shutdown

runlevel 1–> single user

runlevel 2–> multiuser without NFS

runlevel 3–> multiuser with NFS

runlevel 4–> normally not in use (User defined)

runlevel 5 –> Graphical user interface

runlevel 6 –> restart

We can go to any runlevel by typing init runlevel . As for example to go to graphical user mode we can type init 5. To restart we can type init 6, to shutdown init 0 etc.

The run level differs according to the OS. Suppose HP-UX, Solaris, Redhat, SUSE, Debian—– have different run level system. Redhat, SUSE, Debian are same. Others are a little different.



  1. uzzal said

    why runlevel-4 didn’t use?

  2. rezanayem said

    We use Run level 4. This is user defined. Runlevel 4 is usually a “custom” level. By default it will start a few more services than level 3. This level is usually only used under special circumstances.

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